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I have been in music since childhood, somewhere from 4 years. He studied piano. For four years he studied at the horn.

Composing music started years with 12, but something more serious than was obtained later.

Posted by music for 3 plays for children from 7 years and for a one-man show for senior pupils and students. Two performances - "Dress King" and "Sea bands" had already been played, and another two premiere will be held in the near future.

I write mostly instrumental music, but also there are 4-D songs, two of which words I wrote. There are still songs from shows, but they represent any artistic value only in the performance.

He worked in children's health camps music worker, youth leader and a DJ. It is easy to find a common language with children of all ages.

Played in the student KVN, generally very pleased the process of writing a script to get applause for his work seriously.

He played in several musical groups, such as more than 4 years in the group "Your response to the sun." In this group all the rest did not last long (not more than six months), but were nevertheless still quite successful.

I finished:

  • Children's music school, piano
  • Novosibirsk Pedagogical College, № 2, the organizer of the specialty children's musical theater, a music teacher, and teacher.

Currently working pianist and teacher in the municipal budget educational establishment of additional education of children. I finished Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University with a specialization choirmaster and accompanist.
Played keyboards in the group "Dagdas.